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The management of your evening from A to Z

Who better to coordinate, animate, sound and light your evening entertainment than the people who know them best? Beyond the realization of visual and artistic performances, Eklabul installs on your event all the structures allowing our artists to perform their acts: many air gates (solo, duo…), self-supported wire structure, etc… but Eklabul ensures and assures you that these performances will be offered and performed in complete safety (approved, referenced and secured equipment). In addition, over the years, Eklabul has acquired the necessary equipment to provide artistic lighting for all the services produced but also to provide atmospheric lighting for your reception areas! Accustomed to sounding major shows, Eklabul will also be able to sound your various events. Beyond the technical equipment that we provide you and the speakers (artists or entertainment) that we offer, it is above all skills in the general organization of the evening organization that we offer and a global management of your evening….

By offering you the general management of your evening, Eklabul also guarantees you a perfect communication and knowledge between the various participants for an ideal management of the proposed interventions…

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Discover some of the events managed from A to Z by our teams

Organizing an event means thinking about a lot of details that you didn’t imagine at first if you’re not used to the exercise. Eklabul offers its general artistic management service throughout the French Riviera to simplify the technical and material aspects of the show you offer to your guests. Find out more about what this service supports.

Why would you need a general and artistic management service?

Whether you are planning a company party, a birthday or a wedding, you have it all planned! You have imagined your evening in every detail. You have planned the course of the show given by our speakers, the lighting that will accompany each performance, the necessary music… But without a general artistic direction, all this can very quickly go wrong. Your friend Paul or Pierre had promised you that he knew perfectly well the sound or lighting equipment. Yet, he can’t make it work, or he doesn’t master it enough to create the effects you want. The music is not started in the right order and technical bugs keep repeating themselves. Eklabul, an art agency on the French Riviera, is there for you, to avoid each of these inconveniences and allow you to experience the evening you had imagined.

The general artistic management of Eklabul for an event that goes perfectly!

Using Eklabul’s general artistic management service on the French Riviera is your guarantee of a safe evening. We know our equipment and its use inside out. It is approved, referenced and secured at the same time. This allows us to ensure that everything goes smoothly, whether during assembly, use or disassembly of the equipment. Our know-how allows us to coordinate the work of each participant, whether technical or artistic, to ensure that your event runs perfectly and professionally, as you had planned.

Feel free to contact us if you would like more information about our general art management services! With Eklabul the circus is everywhere!