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Massive visual impact 100% strolling!

Here is the easiest way to attract the attention of an audience and bring a spectacular touch to an event. A welcome by waders, a “giant” service or a wader walk during a cocktail and success is guaranteed! Our waders can be at 50cm or 1m50, on static or spring stilts, with 2 or 4 legs. And above all in all the desired themes! From Poseidon to the killer clown, the wood fairy or the ultra-class dandy, we have costumes adapted to all situations. We generally recommend a minimum of 2 waders for a welcome, typically a couple for a wedding evening, but nothing is more effective than a troop of waders to have a big impact! For a Christmas walk or a street marketing action for example. Finally, for evening performances, why not consider a bright suit? Our waders will also be able to throw confetti, play with giant balloons, make soap bubbles or juggle to entertain their audience. Or even spit fire three meters high!

Stilt walkers for your entertainment

Our wader artists have many surprises in store for you. They can be perched on high stilts of 1.50 m or climb on more modest ones. Stilts are often static, but some have springs. These bouncy stilts promise a unique feeling. To ensure the success of these exceptional performances, we offer you our experienced artists, who master the delicate technique of stilts and thus manage to keep their balance for one or even two hours. A wader can entertain all your evenings, weddings, birthdays or private parties. In pairs or in groups, the waders will share with you their talents as actors and the infinite wealth of costumes that allow them to disguise themselves as elves, angels or happily married! There is nothing like these waders to give your guests a personalised and original welcome. There is no doubt that they will remember this new vision for a long time to come. For each of your evenings, whether it is a wedding, a birthday or a baptism, you can find the waders adapted to your desires. Similarly, for your company evenings, cocktails or seminars, our event agency can provide you with bright white waders, glittering with small lights that will bring to your evening an atmosphere of magic and celebration that you are not about to forget. And let’s not forget the clowns on small stilts, who entertain the children and mingle with the crowd, multiplying jokes and jokes. Throughout a course or walk, waders can throw confetti on spectators, throw huge balloons into the air or inflate giant soap bubbles.

Stilt walker: from reception to stroll to street show

Eklabul, an artistic service provider, offers you its waders for various occasions: a street show, a reception, or a stroll… Our artists will be present on request or on the occasion of festive events, such as Christmas, where our bright waders will amaze the spectators and where the sprites will accompany Santa Claus on his tour. But our waders can also be used for other occasions, such as a festival or parade. As for carnivals, they are ideal opportunities for wader artists to stroll along the road: masked and mysterious, they will delight young and old alike with the sumptuousness and infinite variety of their costumes. According to your needs, waders of all kinds can be proposed to you:

  • White stilt walkers, which can spread large, twirling wings.
  • Stilt walkers in multicoloured costumes, representing for example the classic characters of the circus.
  • Stilt-walker actors, evoking various characters, elves or goblins
  • But here are also futuristic stilt walkers, robots or superheroes inspired by comic strips, who are embarking on spectacular evolutions.

You will also find multi-talented stilt walkers: a fire-eater, who projects huge flames and performs acrobatics, a juggling wader or, of course, musical waders, dancers or musicians.

Feel free to contact us if you would like more information on our services for waders on the move! With Eklabul circus is everywhere!

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