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Our walking bubbles (2m, 2m50 and 3m50)

Discover all our services in bubbles of stroll!

Once a few small logistical subtleties have been settled, the element of the success of this service is simple: our walking bubbles will be there to subjugate the performances of our artists. So as in Eklabul we love bubbles, we put all our artists in bubbles.

Here are some examples, but not exhaustive:

  • bubble dancers (2m or 2m50)
  • jugglers in bubbles (3m50)
  • bubble contortionists (2m or 2m50)
  • acrobats and balancers in bubble (3m50)
  • musicians, violinists in bubble (2m or 2m50)
  • but also acrobatic lifts (3m50)

Our bubbles, with a diameter ranging from 2m to 3m50 can be used for walking on land or water. In the latter case the artistic possibilities are a little more limited, but the visual effect is splendid.

Note that the duration of an artist’s performance in a bubble is a maximum of 10-15mn for a 2m bubble. Much more for a 3.5 meter bubble. And even more for our 4m50 dome bubble, which is fixed and in which we can offer hand to hand numbers, vortex dancing and many other prowess…

The walking bubbles bring a greater certainty to all the services that take place during your event. Whatever the activities chosen, this equipment is able to highlight the artist you have used. These transparent bubbles are available in many diameters to suit all your desires.

Bring enchantment to your events with the wandering bubbles

To bring even more poetry and softness to your event, choose the bubbles for walking. These huge transparent bubbles highlight the performances of the artists who perform during your event. Whether it is a musician, an acrobat, a juggler or a dancer, he can deliver a unique number for about 10 to 15 minutes. With these walking bubbles, you ensure that your event will remain unforgettable. Many feats can be achieved inside these bubbles. They will bring a little enchantment to your celebration and will capture the attention of your audience. Inside or outside, they attract the attention of both young and old.

Giant bubbles for your entertainment services

The giant walking bubbles allow our different artists to move around during their performance. They bring a focus on the act and an unparalleled visual to make the show different from the others and unforgettable at the same time. Their diameter measures 2 meters, 2 meters 50 or more depending on the needs and duration of the services. It should be noted that a 2-metre bubble will allow a number to last 10 to 15 minutes. This time will change in proportion to the size of the giant bubble and according to the service chosen.

Walking bubbles that adapt to your needs

To meet all your requests, we offer several numbers of walking bubbles. You can thus opt for:

  • A bubble for dancer measuring between 2m and 2m50,
  • A bubble with juggler, which measures 3m50,
  • A bubble for contortionists from 2m to 2m50,
  • A bubble for acrobats or balancers that is 3m50 tall,
  • A bubble with a violinist musician, from 2m to 2m50
  • A bubble for acrobatic lifts, also 3m50 long.

Our bubbles have a diameter between 2m and 3m50, but we also offer a 4m50 dome bubble. The latter is fixed and can be used for hand-to-hand numbers, vortex dancing or many other animations.


What service for a giant wandering bubble?

Many services are possible in a giant walking bubble. Imagine, for example, a dancer moving in one bubble and a dancer in another. They will be able to offer you a magnificent and light painting. Jugglers will achieve their prowess by making the exercise even more impressive thanks to the limited frame of the bubble that will surround them. The performances of our acrobats and contortionists will be showcased and will amaze each and every spectator, as will our violin musicians who will exercise their art with an excess of visual poetry that will thrill their audience. Our balancers and acrobatic lifts will allow you to offer the public a moment of magic out of time as the giant bubble increases in fairy tale.

Feel free to contact us if you would like more information about our performances as artists in bubbles!
With Eklabul circus is everywhere!

Discover our bubbles!

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