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Artistic performances proposed by Eklabul

Artstic performances are the heart itself, the ultimate goal of Eklabul’s activity!

There is always a need for a visual artist during an event! It is a undeniable universal truth, so allow us to convince you…

Eklabul lives by and for artists… Therefore we will offer, for any type of event, the right act, the right discipline or the right artist. Wandering artists for carnivals or parties; stage acts; versatile artists for gala evenings; etc…

Here is an overview of all the artistic performances proposed by Eklabul Events. Producer of shows, company of artists and global artistic service providers: Eklabul Events offers many types of services.


Strolling artists or stage acts: stilt-walkers, jugglers, acrobats, fire-breathers, magicians, aerial acrobats, etc…


Our creations: visual shows mixing circus, magic, comedy, humor. Let us make you discover these many artistic universes.


Giant bubbles taking our artists into the air … Our AtmO²sphere bubbles will be your event’s spectacular touch.

Artists presenting Acts

Shorter than shows or wandering, acts are moments of high intensity during which the artist will show you the scope of his technical and creative talent.

Many acts, as aerial acrobatics or great magic illusions, require important technical obligations: it is essential to contact real professionals able to propose performances adapted to the venue and to your expectations!

Here are the assets of working with a team whose members are above all artists … With Eklabul you will have the guarantee of a quality service.

Strolling Artists

Wandering performers are these artists who walk amongst the audience while performing their art. Off the stage to mingle with the crowd, they will surround and surprise you! Jugglers, magicians, stilt-walkers or even acrobats and musicians, they are right behind you!!! Unless they are in the middle of the street to parade under the applauses… Their performance can last from a few minutes to one hour. Generally, they have few obligations and technical requests.

Versatile Artists

One of Eklabul’s specialities is to work with versatile artists who are able to realize several types of performances during an event… And thus, reduce the amouny of your final invoice!

Since technical problems have been created in order to be solved, imagination is our only limit.

Artists presenting Various Performances

Beyond the various “traditional” types of performances (strolling, acts, …), we also offer our “comedian” artists who will reveal themselves during your themed evenings for which we will set up a precise artistic concept. We also propose “complete” artists who will take part in our various shows in order to make you dream. These artists will also be your solution for any special requests, often in connection with the venue or atypical circumstances.

Night Performers

Mostly for clubs, our artists turn into performers in mesmerizing costumes: they become fascinating characters who use their techniques to surprise and amaze you. Fire breathers, stilt walkers, dancers, creatures of all kinds … Whatever your theme is we will have a proposition for you!

Staged according to the evening’s place and atmosphere, these artists will lead you in their colorful world by proposing several performances of a few minutes!