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The body at the service of aesthetics

Acrobats and equilibrists have transformed their bodies into true works of art. Halfway between dancers and gymnasts, these artists are true athletes.

Whether they work in solo, in duo or as a troop, on hands or on head, on the ground or on various objects, static or dynamic, their prowesses will never end to amaze you!

Acrobatic lifts

Hand to hand, pas de deux, adagio… Several approaches exist for acrobatic lifts that can be more or less dynamic and more or less danced.

Our acrobatic duets can evolve in all conditions and for all themes! Entirely painted in gold for the Gold duo, in magnificent white outfits for wedding parties or in pirate outfits for an adventure-related entertainment: the possibilities are endless!

Whether they perform their act on stage or wander in the middle of the audience, the immediate success and the observation is unanimous: they are breathtaking.

Equilibrist on the ground and on canes

These artists are as comfortable on their hands as on their feet… The inverted posture is their fetish position, and their endurance is phenomenal. Welcome to the world of tightrope walkers, who mainly work on the ground or on balance canes, but who can also use any architectural element to turn themselves upside down.

Their performance can be realized either in the form of an act, or in close-up (wandering among the public).

Balance chairs

How to transform banal chairs into an impressive element of balance? Our artists pile the chairs up and reach very impressive heights under the eyes of their public: these chairs are not rigged and the public realizes it.

Possibility to perform this number in solo or in duet.

Note, minimum ceiling height required for this number: 5m.

Urban acrobats

Freestylers, parkourers or stuntmen, these acrobats are able to evolve on any terrain and to chain up saltos and twists in all positions.


For an artistic performance or a stroll of artists during your event: contact us! Evening seminars or private events, trade fairs, public events or other, there is always a good reason to involve Eklabul artists.