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Aerial performances in giant bubbles

Let yourself be tempted by an exceptional and totally unique performance in France! Giant bubbles of 7 metres in diameter, taking our artists into the air… These transparent spheres, looking like light and enchanting soap bubbles, are the spectacular 100% visual touch of your event.

Thanks to these majestic bubbles, we offer you a breathtaking performance that integrates the spirit of the circus & a bewitching musical universe, to bring a touch of spectacular and incredible to your event.

Aboard our atmO²sphere, various artists can be proposed to you: circus artists or live musicians… Our aerial acrobats will rise in the air and realize their performances in weightlessness, taking you in their magical universe for a totally new show!

Our aerial bubbles suit for all types of events: weddings, private, corporate or public events… They represent a bold and creative idea to decorate your event with an unforgettable touch of enchantment.

AtmO²sphere on the ground :
AtmO²sphere on water and in the air :

Artistic performances in AtmO²sphere bubbles :

With 1 AtmO²sphere bubble :

  • 1 acrobat artist proposing an act of aerial silk, rope, hoop or trapeze
  • (or) 1 musician: electric violinist for a concerto in the air

With 2 AtmO²sphere bubbles :

  • 2 acrobat artists proposing an act of aerial silk, rope, hoop or trapeze in synchronized duo
  • (or) 2 musicians: electric violinists in duo
  • (or) 1 musician who will play live for the acrobat performing his aerial number

But you can also opt for a selection of different acts via several artists who will perform one after the other in the same bubble throughout your evening…

AtmO²sphere on water

The performances of our artists can also be realized on water for an even more breathtaking visual…

We can install our bubbles on your swimming pool or your private beach to propose our aerial performance on your aquatic surface ! The reflection of bubbles on the water will sublimate the show…

AtmO²sphere by night

AtmO²sphere shows can be performed in the daytime or by night.

By nightfall, a specific lighting will be proposed to highlight our artists and thus sublimate the performance to make it become unforgettable. It is a magnificent aerial ballet that your guests will attend: a show that will sparkle in the eyes of all your guests…

There also is a possibility of adding projections, smoke games, bubble machine, throws of petals, for an even more aesthetic and spectacular rendering.

AtmO²sphere in the air

If you want to offer your guests an exceptional moment, opt for an AtmO²sphere aerial show!

Our bubble will take flight thanks to a crane, in order to appear in the air and land on your guests’ reception venue …

The Bubble Ball

We offer a concept 100% based on the universe of bubbles. In addition to air bubbles of 7m diameter, we propose dancers, contortionists, jugglers in bubbles of 2m diameter … but also performers in aquatic bubbles, artists handling crystal balls and creating giant soap bubbles…  A complete universe that will take your breath away!


For an artistic performance or a stroll of artists during your event: contact us! Evening seminars or private events, trade fairs, public events or other, there is always a good reason to involve Eklabul artists.