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Fire Artists

Fire… How fascinating! Since always men have wanted to play with fire.
Our artists have become specialists.

Come and discover everything that can be achieved with fire or artifices!

Ideal at night or at dusk, and mainly outdoors (but possibility of working indoors if safety conditions are met).

Needless to say, all these activities are dangerous and should only be performed by rigorous professionals: it is better not to try to imitate Eklabul artists after a performance!

Fire breathers

Here come the famous fire breathers !!! They project enormous flames, like real dragons, creating emotion among young and old alike.

At Eklabul fire breathers tend to perform acrobatics, in solo or in duet, just to add a little spice to this already very spicy situation…

Note that our fire breathers all work with “fire water”, which is much less toxic and smelling less strong than oil. And of course our #1 priority is the safety of the artists and the public.

Artifices and Pyrotechnic Juggling

A new feature at Eklabul: the handling and juggling of pyrotechnic objects.

Our artists use fans, pois or staffs (large sticks) to which artifices are connected. These artifices are so-called “stage” cold sheaves, which can be used even indoors, provided the room is well ventilated. The effect is sumptuous: it is ideal to end a performance on a high note.
You can find these same artifices in some of our shows, such as “The White Symphony”.

Of course it is also possible to trigger the artifices in a “classic” way, without juggling with them. We have a wireless and battery-powered system, which makes it possible to pull these sheaves in any situation and at very reasonable prices.

These effects are fabulous in many situations, whether it is for a bride and groom’s entrance or for a product opening.

Fire dancers and jugglers

Firstly, the fire dancers, who spin in the middle of the flames by twirling their pois (balls of fire at the end of a chain), fans or ropes on fire.
Secondly, the fire manipulators, who handle with dexterity single or double staffs (large sticks ended by burning Kevlar wicks), devil sticks or even diabolos.
Then the fire jugglers, with their torches rising to the sky.

All these artists (of course some are versatile) will be there to set ablaze your evening.


For an artistic performance or a stroll of artists during your event: contact us! Evening seminars or private events, trade fairs, public events or other, there is always a good reason to involve Eklabul artists.