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Anti-gravity trajectories

Our jugglers and manipulators will make you review your notions concerning the earth attraction of objects…

The difference between jugglers and manipulators? Jugglers do a series of throws in order to have permanently several objects in the air, to perform more or less complicated figures. They work typically with balls, clubs or rings.

Manipulators do not throw the objects. They either spin them (hence their nickname “spinners”) or keep them in contact with their bodies. The most “famous” spinners are those who use pois. Regarding the contact, we mainly find the acrylic ball (crystal ball) or the staff (long stick).

Of course all these techniques can be practiced with light up objects, for even more spectacular visual effects!!

Finally, we have recently seen the emergence of a new category of artists, who combine juggling with bar service: juggling bartenders, also known as “flair” bartenders.

Juggling and Object manipulation

Originally juggling was used by troubadours and other acrobats to entertain the nobility. But since then, the jugglers themselves have won their titles of nobility, and their performances can be breathtaking, bewitching or simply spectacular.

The techniques are varied, and the equipment used also offers many options:

Classic balls can be bouncing and juggled in a simple way or multiplex.

Clubs are more and more used for complicated manipulations in body contact, or sent from jugglers to jugglers in complex passing numbers. And they are sometimes replaced by sharp swords.

Pois are played as originally with 2 pois, but also with 3 or 4 pois at once!

Single or double staffs (long sticks) spin around the body at an incredible speed and seem to stick to their manipulator.

Diabolos are also juggled with 2 or 3 diabolos on the same thread.

Light Up Juggling

All juggling and manipulation techniques are available in a light up version!

Light up balls, light up clubs, light up diabolos, light up bolas, light up staffs… We have all the needed equipment for a magical light up show.

Note that we also have “pixel pois”: they are kinds of light up sticks at the end of strings, which by spinning can draw $logos and other patterns in the air, using the retinal persistence. These pixel pois are programmable and customizable for every event!

Contact Ball

The contact ball is an acrylic ball (similar to crystal, but twice as light), which artists keep in constant contact with their bodies, giving the impression that the ball levitates.

Some artists work mainly with their hands/arms, others with the head or even other parts of their body.

Juggling Bartenders

Flair Bartenders will delight your vision with their incredible manipulations, and at the same time your taste with their delicious cocktails. Or how to combine business with pleasure in an evening…

We love these artist bartenders!!!


For an artistic performance or a stroll of artists during your event: contact us! Evening seminars or private events, trade fairs, public events or other, there is always a good reason to involve Eklabul artists.