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Everything is an illusion

Optical illusions and manipulations have long been used by sorcerers and other ancestors of today’s magicians. And if today magic reaches new heights, using new technologies for even more spectacular effects, the oldest illusions are often the most effective! Our team of magicians and illusionists can propose many types of interventions. To begin, why not a welcome by a magician in levitation or an other illusion of the same kind? Then, close-up magic. Finally, for a more “cabaret” typed evening or a complete show, you have to turn to stage magic and great illusions. Also note the outbreak of magic linked to tablets and smartphones, with brilliant acts mixing optical illusion with digital illusion. For performances oriented towards mind games and esotericism, you can also find our artists in the category “Mystery and Spirituality”. But of course, where magic becomes absolutely brilliant is when it meets the paths of other artistic disciplines such as singing, music, juggling and of course comedy!

Close-up magic

Close-up magic: it is a great classic, but always as formidable: one or more magicians move from group to group or from table to table to perform interactive magic tricks directly in contact with the guests. Appearance of cards, multiplication of foam balls, disappearance of coins, levitation of cigarettes, etc…. Ideal for a cocktail, or during meals.

Stage magic

Levitations, disappearances, transformations… Stage visual effects are various and totally amazing! But above all they must be more visible from a distance than close-up magic. Two main types of magic: “lounge” magic, with medium-sized objects such as a fire book or a flying table. And the great illusions, those structures that allow for example to cut a woman in two! Note that these illusions can either be the object of the show for a pure magic show, or be integrated in another show, for example the flying card in some of our shows all public. And of course these illusions can leave the stage, for example for a magical welcome with a “matrix” that allows an artist to levitate in the middle of the audience!!


For an artistic performance or a stroll of artists during your event: contact us! Evening seminars or private events, trade fairs, public events or other, there is always a good reason to involve Eklabul artists.